Allison // Senior Pt. I

These photos are particularly special because I have known this young lady since just before she entered her freshman year of high school. Between the forest exploring and chocolate cake baking, we have had countless photo taking adventures together. For an image, this girl will bravely do anything I ask her to. Whether it be sneaking into abandoned buildings, bending backwards in the middle of the road, balancing a tea cup on her head, or being covered completely in glitter, she's always game for the shot, even in -2 degree weather. She has graciously shared her room with me, her clothes, her cat, and countless hours of watching Friends. It has been two years married to her brother now, and we sometimes do still weather out the most stormy nights hunkered down in her room. 

My dear Allison, you truly have a beautiful heart and I am so blessed to call you family.  

Seattle, WA

Salem, OR

"Don't shine so that others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see him."

C.S. Lewis